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Lyndrel Palm was born on September 10th, 1990 in San Diego, California. Being the youngest of three, she picked up an interest in the arts by emulating her older siblings. Her family was very supportive with her creativity; and when it came to arts and crafts, everyone participated. Lyndrel's father was enlisted in the US Navy during most of her childhood, so they were constantly moving locations and changing schools. To help keep herself occupied during the moves, she carried her scketch book everywhere.


Lyndrel first got into makeup in junior high when she began performing with her school's cheerleading team. Into high school, she continued cheerleading, and she started to create different looks experimenting with various color palettes. As she began college, she realized that she wanted to persue a career that involved the arts. Ultimately, this creative drive led her to enroll in classes that she knew would test her limits and help her grow as an artist.



A professional makeup artist from San Diego, California, Lyndrel Palm currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Having studied art at the University of California, San Diego, she obtained her BA in Studio Arts. She started her career with MAC Cosmetics in 2011 and spent 3 1/2 years working with the company before deciding to move to Los Angeles, in October of 2014, to further her freelance career. She has done work back stage for fashion shows, behind the scenes on music videos, and looks for the red carpet. Fully certified through MAC, Lyndrel is perfectionist when it comes to her craft and spends most of her time challenging her artistic ability by stepping outside of the box. She has experience with beauty makeup, fashion, and some special fx.



Artist Statement

Most of my artwork revolves around my interest in the relationship between my subject and the viewer.  I spend a lot of time thinking about how the viewer will feel and understand my piece.  My work today has become more intuitive and conceptual than previously. I have this enthusiasm about wanting to show people how I view the world, to show others how much I really appreciate everything around me.  My artwork is definitely style driven.  Having a diehard interest in beauty and fashion, I have learned to use my obsession to fuel my art.  There are many political issues and dramas in the world of fashion; therefore, I find ways to create more than just a pretty picture.  Like many artists, Moises Ramirez being one of them, my goal is to create a narrative through the expression and power of a figure.  In my work, I use glazing techniques in order to add dimension and light to my figures while keeping my colors to a minimum.  Direction and size play a huge role in the production of my work.  If I have an idea, I will first sketch or paint my subject. Then, I will continuously rotate the canvas to view the form in every single way possible. This allows me to view my vision from all aspects. Currently, the human form and the language that it portrays fascinates me.  Making a figure smaller or larger in relation to either the viewer, or the other figures in the painting alters the feeling of comfort in a piece.  By making a face in a portrait the same size as the viewer, this creates an awkward, uncomfortable feeling between my subject and the viewer. My pieces have all been studies at this point, practices for finals pieces to come.  Although through these studies, new bodies of work begin to emerge.




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