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"Living with Purpose" / "Choosing the Right Career" ;)

During the holidays last winter, I crossed paths with a woman who had great enthusiasm and interest in finding her own style of makeup. I'm definitely a butterfly when it comes to being social, and that day I made a connection with her. She understood my passion and love for what I do... Makeup.

It turns out that she is a blogger who finds ways to better our lives and find the beauty in what we do. She was in the works of a project that would help high school students get a better understanding of where they wanted to be in the future. Choosing a career is never easy. Growing up, I wanted everything. I wanted to be everything. From a lawyer to an anthropologist, to finally an artist. It all interested me.

Being young, it's sometimes difficult for us to know what we really want in life, nonetheless know how to get there! Meeting Kathryn England that day, she sought enough interest in my energy and decided to include me in her work. In January 2015, we set up a phone interview in which she would ask me questions of where and how I got my start. Answering those questions really made me fall in love with my career and reminded me of how every little step, even if it wasn't makeup related, got me to where I am today. Always remember who you are and never regret the choices you've made! The universe has a plan, and all those steps will lead you to something greater.

While visiting the site, you will not only find my interview, but you will find 118 other interviews of different career paths and choices others have made. What a great source of information for our furture (I'm talking about the kids).

Please check out this link and share it amongst the young ones to help guide them in the right direction!:

Here is also the direct link for my interview with Kathryn:

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